Welcome to the home of
Citizens Against Illegal Gun Use

My name is John Gleichweit, and I am starting this organization in the hopes of bringing truth to the debate over guns. We have seen lies mostly on the side of the anti-gun forces, and I will be gathering the facts here to help you decide. I am doing this in my spare time, so this site will be continually under construction. I have a full time job, plus I have other part time money-making adventures, so the time that I am able to devote to this page is limited. I will be gleaning as much info as I can for various sources, such as online newspapers/magazines, mailing lists, and the newsgroups of the Usenet. If you would like to help out by sending me the URL's of various news articles, or copies of speeches by various politicos, please forward them to smokeybehr@orisis.net and I'll post them to this page or add links to this page.